Tina & Kevin’s “amaze balls” Alternative Wedding Ceremony

Most brides and grooms worry about being “different”, not our couples!!! And especially not Tina & Kevin! Their ceremony was never going to be a production line it was always going to be an alternative wedding ceremony that was unique, colourful, relaxed and personal, just like them. Many thanks to photographer Ella Omerod and of course Tina and Kevin for allowing us to share their wedding day shots at the awesome Camp Katur. Enjoy! This is definitely one for the fashionistas and Dr Who fans! Forget the big white wedding, think Vivienne Westwood, black and gold, henna tattoos, gothic, sci-fi, motorbikes and dogs….lots of them. It’s just so “amaze balls” it had to be Tina and Kevin’s alternative wedding ceremony!! We loved creating their ceremony it was sooo unique in so many ways; eccentric but natural and meaningful, traditional but alternative, wild but romantic and cool but understated. It will probably take most brides a little out of their comfort zone, so be warned!

Here’s what Tina said after they had had their “first read” of their ceremony script:

“Everything perfect. Love the reading, it had Kev in tears at the zombie bit.” You’ve done a fab job. You are a secret genius. You really got us in one. Thanks so much you are amaze balls. Xxx”

Tina and Kevin are big kids never really wanting to grow up and both share a love of music, motorbikes, dressing up, Halloween and horror films.
Tina never thought she would meet someone like Kevin. “What took you so long to find me here…. What took you so long to make it here….I’ve waited all my life” were the lines from Tina’s entrance song “Moduin” by Sometree. It was a particularly emotional time for Tina; her dad had recently passed away so she chose to walk down the tree-lined aisle alone carrying a single candle to represent her father’s spirit and to acknowledge that the honour of walking his daughter down the aisle was his and only his. Tina’s family roots lie in India so keeping the candle alight was important and symbolic. Kevin and their faithful black labrador, Sabbath, by his side, met Tina half way to symbolise her being given away to Kevin.  We over over the moon when Tina told us about her fabulous hooped black and gold skirt and black shirt by Vivienne Westwood; she looked amazing and like no other bride. She was unique and perfectly her. We chose readings for them that reflected their love of sci-fi and of their faithful friend and “baby” Sabbath; “Scientific Romance” by Tim Pratt and and “Falling in Love is like owning a dog” Taylor Mali. Tina and Kevin wanted to include nature in their ceremony so we created a four elements part to their ceremony that included Earth for physicality, Air for intellect, Water for emotions and Fire for passion and incorporated their personal promises to each other. We created an iced flower bowl and brightly coloured water which was poured over their hands to represent the fluidity of their relationship. 

Tina and Kevin had each written seven promises to each other, which they said out loud as they circled the fire seven times representing each of the seven promises they made to each other.
Each promise was “written” into the earth by their feet and then into their hearts as they placed their hand over the others heart and said ““I am the words and you the melody, I am the melody and you the words”. Guests joined in blowing bubbles into the air to represent a love that grows with every breath they take. 

Bet you’ve never seen a Tardis ring box before, now you have!! The rings were passed around their guests as a ring warming before exchanging rings. As the ring warming took place guests were transported back to England 1562 to a conversation with an extract between Doctor Number 10 and Queen Elizabeth, just to check that we didn’t have any imposters! Tina’s bouquet continued the Dr Who theme using a sonic screw driver and handmade paper flowers  from comic books.

The bride and groom were showered with rice confetti symbolising fertility before they made their exit to “New Noise” by Refused. If ever a photograph captured the spirit of what we do it is this one! “Thank you for all your hard work. We are still on cloud nine. We had the best day ever.” Tina & Kevin

Here’s a little video of Tina and Kevin’s first dance to “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany. Way to go babes!

If you’ve been inspired Tina & Kevin’s “amaze balls” alternative wedding ceremony and celebrations and would like us to create a more personal and unique ceremony that makes you feel “this is us” at your private home or estate, off the beaten track or outdoor location then drop Jan a line: ceremonies@janshillito.co.uk. You can find more inspiration and real weddings here. If Country and Western is more your kind of alternative wedding check out Leanne and Kristian’s cowboy barn wedding ceremony.

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