SOLFEST Emma & Andy’s Music festival wedding

We’d been patiently waiting for a long time for Emma and Andy’s musical country SOLFEST wedding to come round as we knew it was going to be extra special and unique, and that’s why it was featured on Rock n Roll Bride! It was also our very first outdoor wedding ceremony at the quirky Skipbridge Country Weddings and first time working with photographers Colin and Heather at  Colin Murdoch Studio who have done a fabulous job at capturing the spirit of the day, so it was doubly exciting! We knew as soon as we met Emma and Andy that they were our kind of bride and groom- both talented musicians performing in bands, both with their unique individual style, a chilled attitude to life and always game on. And did their musical country wedding rock! This is a couple who are not afraid to show their personalities and be themselves.

And those outfits- wow totally awesome!!!

Normally all eyes are on the bride but Andy made sure that he wasn’t getting overlooked on his big day, they were going to look equally amazing! Andy’s wedding suit had to be pretty out there to out-do his usual wardrobe of Shitewear! so he had a suit handmade to order.  His best man followed suit with a jazzy pink and blue flamingo patterned suit and one of our favourite worn by a guest was a jammy dodger patterned suit- brave to say the least but loads of fun! Emma also had her own fabulous wedding dress designed and handmade just for her with a more country folksy twist- no big white wedding dresses and bling here! And she looked amazing!

American blues, jazz and rock guitarist, Robben Ford says: “The most important thing is that you make sure you follow the music, which is a musician’s way of saying follow your heart. The two things are intertwined.” This is Emma and Andy through and through and their wedding ceremony and celebrations were no exception. As couple they exist together with music and both follow their heart.

One of the readings we included in their ceremony was an extract from “Soul Music” by Terry Prachett, one of Emma’s favourite authors:

“A voice said: One. One. One, two. One, two. Then the footsteps went back into the distance. After a while, another voice said: One, two, three, four- And the universe came into being. It was wrong to call it a big bang. That would just be noise, and all that noise could create is more noise and a cosmos full of random particles. Matter exploded into being, apparently as chaos, but in fact as a chord. The ultimate power chord. Everything, all together, streaming out in one huge rush that contained within itself, like reverse fossils, everything that it was going to be. And, zigzagging through the expanding cloud, alive, that first wild live music. This had shape. It had spin. It had rhythm. It had a beat, and you could dance to it. Everything did.”

Emma and her bridesmaids arrived in a chevy truck on hay bales and walked down the aisle to ‘We interetwine ‘ by her favourite band Larkin Poe where she married her best friend under the beautiful weeping willow. After a ceremony full of fun, laughter and sentiment they began their marriage with a bubble confetti shower and a Fairport Convention medley followed by good food, cheese lots of it (of course!) by Love Cheese, drink, live music and a special bride and groom performance for their first dance.

This was certainly the best day of their lives…so far!


“A big thank you to Jan who helped us make the ceremony personal and individual to us, beautifully written to be both touching and light hearted- loved it!”

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