Victoria & Jason’s Icelandic inspired renewal of vows ceremony

There is no better way to kick start the year with a feature in FestivalBrides! Victoria and Jason married 10 years ago in Cuba, just the two of them, with strangers for witnesses. As  they started thinking about their 10th anniversary they decided this time round they wanted to share a more personal wedding experience with their friends and family. There are lots of reasons why couples choose to make more of a renewal of vows ceremony. It’s not always about renewing the legal vows said to each other; it’s about having the chance to say what you  really wanted to say to each other, making the personal promises you didn’t get to say first time round, rededicating your rings and this time, doing it your way. 

Jason and Victoria’s ceremony held at the Bivouac in North Yorkshire in August celebrates the love and commitment of two people who married young, who knew they were right for each other but just needed time to prove it. Their story was beautifully captured by the very talented Lissa Alexandra.

Victoria’s floral crown, bouquets and sprays of wild flowers, created by one of our local flower growers Susan from Yorkshire Dales Flower Company, brought such beautiful colour to the woodland backdrop. Ten years ago Jason & Victoria, a young free-spirited couple, fell in love; they may not have known quite where they were going but they knew they wanted to go there together.

“I’m looking for a place to start, and everything feels so different now. Just grab a hold of my hand, I will lead you through this wonderland”.  These lyrics from Victoria’s entrance song “Of Monsters and Men” by Yellow Light perfectly described the essence of their marriage as they stood hand in a special place to mark a ten year journey of discovery and to look forward to the next chapter of their lives together. They married in Cuba on 23rd August 2005 just the two of them but 10 years on the same date they wanted to make up for the celebration they didn’t have and have their families there to see Victoria walk down the aisle with her dad by her side.  

The ceremony was held next to the amazing Druids temple with draped canopies, straw bales and simple jars of flowers.

They were older and wiser and knew what they wanted this time. It had to be personal, unique and beautiful and it had to be outdoors in a natural woodland. Having a renewal of vows ceremony at the Bivouac in North Yorkshire was the perfect place and on their 10 year anniversary was time for them to pause, look back on the road they have travelled so far, smile at the times they have shared, the achievements they have made and all the things that have made them grow and become stronger as individuals and, in turn, as a couple.

But most of all this was a time for them to say what they want to say to each other, rededicate their rings and for their families to all to share in this moment.

Readings and symbolic gestures throughout the ceremony reflected their personalities and the things that are meaningful to each of them especially their love of the great outdoors and  cats from big wild cats to friendly cute cats!  Readings included extracts from Winnie the Pooh, Carl Sagan and Hugo Walpole, Captain Corellis’ Mandalin and “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton which was read by Victoria sister Katie.

Jason and Victoria’s love of the natural world led them to Iceland where they discovered a new kind of freedom in the raw beauty of desolate volcanic landscapes, pretty little villages and wood cottages. Just like the wild horses running free, they experienced a simple life on the open road, just the two of them and is an experience that will stay with them forever. To celebrate this they wove ten strands of icelandic wool together to represent ten years of marriage which was then used in the handfasting. Victoria’s mum read “These Hands Are” while Jason’s mum tied their hands.

At the end of the ceremony a traditional Icelandic wedding Mead drink was served to make a toast to Jason and Victoria, their ten years of marriage and their future together. 

We also designed a large format bespoke print “certificate” in the style of their wedding for all their guests to sign.

The surrounding views at the Bivouac and Swinton Park are just amazing something Jason and Victoria wanted their guests to experience as they meandered through the woodlands and the druids temple after the ceremony.

The celebrations continued with delicious canopes and cocktails in the woodland before everyone made their way to the barn.

“We wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for helping us to create the ceremony we dreamt of.

Your ability to incorporate our love of Iceland and for each other really was fab. As you know we were both a little nervous about how people might take the ceremony, however we didn’t need to worry as everyone said how different and amazing it was!

I have to say I absolutely love the dinosaur reading and will definitely be getting it framed and taking pride of place, it’s just so lovely!

Rebecca on the day was brilliant, and we loved how she blended in with our boho theme, it’s so thoughtful and meant a lot. (Everyone was asking where we “got” you from as the ceremony was so alternative! Which we both found hilarious)

So once again big thanks Jan.

Much love Victoria and Jason xx

Ps. Loved opening our little box of love”

If you’ve been inspired by Victoria & Jason’s Icelandic inspired Woodland Wedding ceremony and celebrations and would like us to create a more personal and unique experience for you at your private home or estate, an off the beaten track or outdoor location then drop Jan a line: You can find more inspiration and real weddings here.

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