Shelley & Tom


“Receiving our first draft, it took me a good few attempts to read it out loud to Tom, I was very emotional. Theceremonywas wonderful and very personal to us and our families. an did a fantastic job at capturing what we wanted to say and conducted the words beautifully.”

On the day co-ordination

“Not only did Jan write and perform a beautiful ceremony, she was wedding co-ordination on the day too. Me being a total control freak, could comprehend how she could be in 3 places at once on such a big estate, but she managed it. Not only did she help us dress the ceremony space, she was delivering breakfasts to the bridal party and orchestrating suppliers arriving all with a cool head. Tom’s request on the day was that after seeing to the (diva) Bride, Jan needed to take care of his Nana. Well we still get comments every time we visit Nana June on how wonderfully she was taken care of all day by Jan”

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