Lorna & Liam’s “Claps of Thunder” Woodland Ceremony

Saturday 2nd August 2014.  Lorna and Liam’s wedding day was never going to be run of the mill but that’s why it’s is featured on Rock “n” Roll Bride!  Liam and Lorna, like all our outdoor wedding couples, did have a wet weather plan B, but it would have had to have been “BIBLICAL” to stop them having their outdoor wedding ceremony in these beautiful North Yorkshire Woodlands. The morning kicked off with rain but  no-one could have imagined twelve months prior when planning their ceremony the little twist mother nature had in store to welcome the new Mr & Mr Walker!

When you see some of the truly stunning and atmospheric shots of this unique day captured by  Ryan at ShutterGoClick you’ll see why they wouldn’t have swapped it all the tea in china, (or more appropriately, all the beer in Yorkshire!).

Who needs sunshine anyway, when you’ve got these glorious heads of sunshine shining right back at you! It couldn’t have been a better choice of flower for that day, big bright yellow smiles bringing cheers of happiness and celebration.

Lorna even had a new Sunflower tattooed on her arm to mark this special occasion, a permanent reminder of her wedding day and the happiness she felt starting out on a new life adventure with Liam by her side. Dressed in white & converses, she was ready to rock n roll!

Liam felt like he all the time in the world, no hustle and bustle, no big fuss,  just the calming pitter patter of rain falling amongst the trees and on his transparent pod retreat *slash* bridal love nest set back in the woodland.

The bridal party were driven down past the wedding village of teepees, yurts and meadow pods to the entrance of the woodland.

As guests entered the ceremony area to be seated they were offered a lovely personal touch where they could choose their own button holes from the a selection of flowers in decorated jars on logs stands.

A sightly nervous groom stood by my side awaiting his bride, surrounded by trees, nature and all their friends and family.Perfect!

Despite both being musical and performers, Lorna and Liam had made the decision when planning their ceremony, not to have any music throughout the ceremony. They only wanted to hear and enjoy the sound of nature.

Just as the ceremony was about to start the rain stopped and something spectacular happened. No one could ever have predicted in a month of sundays that Lorna would be making her bridal entrance to claps of Thunder!  It was awesome. Mother nature was obviously giving her seal of approval by playing her most dramatic fanfare. There are some things in life that you just can’t book, thunder is one of them!!

A proud father handed over his beautiful daughter to the love of her life. She looked absolutely stunning with her long flaxen hair.

The ceremony was personal but still in keeping with tradition, her father gave her away, they said I do, made promises to each other and exchanged rings. It included the little personal touches that made it their own and a moment in time that they will never forget.

A few months before the wedding Liam posted this wonderful declaration of love on Facebook. They were the words of a man who has found his true love and partner in life, for sure!

To celebrate this, we read a beautiful poem called “Love” by Roy Croft that described their kind of love for each other.

For Liam and Lorna, the break in tradition was being able to hold their ceremony in the perfect place that made them feel “this is us” and for their ceremony to have the same look and feel as the rest of their celebrations-a chilled, outdoor festival event. Camp Katur was their perfect alternative wedding venue, a fabulous location and the perfect blank canvas for couples to make their day their own.

For them Life is about creating sharing and experiencing life events and this is what they set out to achieve with each part of their wedding day.

The woodlands were beautiful, mysterious and atmospheric.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Walker. Oooo very Vic Reeves Liam!

And as you can see the celebrations continued with hook a duck and Coconut stalls….

… And lots of fun and games that continued into the weekend. Not many brides get to do this at their wedding!!!!

So brides and grooms, just remember the moral of the story is “Some people feel the rain, other just get wet!” Make sure you’re not one of those who just get wet! Happy days!

A big thank you to Ryan for allowing us to use his shots of the ceremony we created for Liam and Lorna.

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